Kitchen Worktops in Kenilworth

Although ruined as a result of sieges and other destruction by man and nature, the stone structures at Kenilworth Castle serve as testament to the longevity of these materials in architecture. The mighty walls of the castle were built using the relatively soft sandstone which should instil some confidence in granite as a humble kitchen worktop.

Though incredibly durable, inevitably at some point something ends up in need of repair or perhaps a client needs adjustments making to an existing granite worktop. In these cases we try our best to assist, though we must take care when handling granite potentially hard to source for obvious reasons.

polished stone

Here is a review from a client in Kenilworth who remodelled their kitchen worktops:

The guys from contemporary stone have given us a fine service. They provided advice on removing a granite worktop from our kitchen, they cut the granite to a specified measurement, then polished it and re-fitted it for us. They are highly skilled, highly professional, but also highly competitive in terms of price – they saved us a small fortune. I can’t recommend them enough.

From Emma Martin on our Facebook Page.

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