Reproduction of relief carving from persepolis

Our reproduction of this ancient stone carving depicting a scene from Persian mythology: Angra Mainyu kills the primeval bull, whose seed is rescued by Mah (AvestanMaonghah, the moon) as the source for all other animals.

This item has an in-depth case study.

Using 3d modelling software and CNC machining with relief tools and carvers, we have recreated this ancient stone depiction of a lion sinking its teeth into a persian bull.

Carved out of a large piece of Limestone it has very fine detailing, and is extremely faithful to the original reliefs, which can be found at the great audience hall at Persepolis, modern day Iran.

They decorate two monumental stairways which give access to the hall, which have been left in ruins by conquerors and time. Examples and reproductions can be found at the British Museum and now our own factory.

Reproduction of relief carving from persepolisAdmin