• stone adhesive test broken piece
  • stone adhesive test broken piece 2
  • stone adhesive test product 3 joint close-up
  • stone adhesive test product 2
  • stone adhesive test actual product

Stone adhesive test

Occasionally when we attempt different designs or are trying new products we will do thorough tests, often to failure to ensure safety.

This test was done before producing the design shown in the pictures, it involved applying weight to the down-stand or skirt of the vanity top, which was held parallel to the floor by clamps attached to the now perpendicular top surface. It held over 30 stone (2 large men) at its furthest projection (around 300mm).

It only failed when jumping on it, and even then it was the stone that sheared from the force as the glue held, you can see in the pictures the downstand is still attached with the webbed sections to the now broken top surface.

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