• caesarstone-shitake quartz kitchen worktop - edge profile
  • Kitchen underside close-up
  • caesarstone shitake quartz kitchen birds-beak detail
  • Overall view of intricate island returns detail - close-up
  • Overall view of intricate island returns detail
  • Island front on perspective
  • Island view from low angle - large overhang side
  • Island overall view - large overhang side
  • Island edge close-up
  • island return details
  • Island view from opposite side with small overhang - mitre detail with birds-beak

Caesarstone Shitake quartz, Norwich

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A large island measuring 3600*1600mm with wrap around ends. Custom profile bevelled edges throughout in Caesarstone quartz. Both the kitchen worktops and the island had a 25 degree bevel to the underside of the overhang. The island also had a special feature with large reveals on the sides and the top.

Caesarstone Shitake quartz, NorwichAdmin